Annual Exempt Amount (for Capital Gains Tax)

The majority of individuals are able to claim an annual allowance for capital gains tax purposes. This is know as the ‘annual exempt amount’ or the ‘annual exemption’. The annual exemption for 2020/21 is £12,300. This means that capital gains up to this amount will not result in tax.

Non-domiciled individuals who claim the remittance basis of taxation are not able to claim the annual exemption.

Annual Exemption Per Tax Year

The annual exemption for the most recent tax years are as follows.

2011/12: £10,600

2012/13: £10,600

2013/14: £10,900

2014/15: £11,000

2015/16: £11,100

2016/17: £11,100

2017/18: £11,300

2018/19: £11,700

2019/20: £12,000

2020/21: £12,300

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