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The Tax Residence Guide strives to provide accurate tax information in a manner that is simple to understand. Users of this website should, however, note that tax law is a highly complex area, which is constantly subject to change, and that it affects individuals in different ways.

The information and examples that are contained on this website is no substitute for specific advice, and we will not accept liability if you rely solely on information from the website.

Therefore, by accessing this website. you agree that we will not be liable for any claims, penalties, losses, damages, costs or expenses arising from the use of this website.

Referrals made via ‘Discuss with an Expert’ Service

While we refer users (through the ‘Discuss with an Expert’ service) to suitable tax consultants, we do not approve any advice or services that they provide, and cannot be held liable for any loss.

All tax consultants to whom we make referrals are independent of ourselves and we take no responsibility for advice or services or general guidance that they may provide whether paid or unpaid.

It is your responsibility to check that those to whom you are referred have appropriate expertise. Should you decide to transact with them, it is deemed to be done so on the basis of your own enquiries. As we do not approve or guarantee any advice or service provided by any third party, we are not to be held liable for any loss that you may suffer as a result of the advice or service or other content that they may provide.

Neither Tax Residence Guide nor it’s owner personally, will be liable for any loss arising from using this service. We therefore comprehensively exclude from liability any and all damages that may arise as a consequence of using this service.

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