Hello and welcome to our recently launched guide, where we provide clear and comprehensive UK tax information in matters relating to tax residence, expatriate tax, and the taxation of non-domiciliaries.

We work with a number of qualified independent tax consultants, and offer a free introduction service to a firm or individual who is best placed to meet your needs. Please see Discuss with an Expert.


Who can use the guide?

The tax residence guide is designed to be used by taxpayers themselves, as well as a point of reference for tax advisors.

Why we created the guide

There is a need for clear information in the complex area of tax residence, expatriate taxation, and the rules affecting non-domiciled individuals. The aim of the tax residence guide is to provide high-level information in a straightforward manner.

Our goal

We endeavour to provide a free taxation guide that will be of use to individuals seeking to understand their tax position, as well as their advisors.

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